Home Playstation Forum How long can ps3 stay on till it overheats?

How long can ps3 stay on till it overheats?


I have ps3 slim 120gb

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  1. Well I have a Ps3 slim 250GB and Its on from around noon until late at night and it has never overheated. Sometimes its even stayed on all night. Just make sure the vents aren’t being blocked and keep it from building up too much dust which can clog up the vents and it’ll be fine. Also try to keep it in a cool room with AC.

  2. it depends on what the conditions are.

    don’t leave it in a place where it can’t breath, let it stay in an area that air flows through don’t lock it inside a cabinet with glass doors for example.

    don’t leave anything over it, if you leave a blanket over it i wouldn’t be surprised if it caught on fire

    don’t leave it in the direct sunlight, same thing. i wouldn’t be surprised if it overheated in like 30 minutes

    in all normal, good conditions it should last days and days before overheating. age may be a factor if it does overheat quickly

    you just gotta use common sense. if it overheats, or starts to I think it starts getting louder as the internal fan goes faster to try and cool it down more so that’s a sign

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