Home Xbox Forum How do you know your Xbox has the red ring of death?

How do you know your Xbox has the red ring of death?


I hear everyone talking about it, but how do you know? I’m still new to Xbox. Do you see a red ring on the tv? How do you count how many you have?

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  1. 3 of the lights on your power button will be red as well as the center power light. There are guides that will tell you what the error codes mean as well so you can definitely know what is wrong with your Xbox 360. There are also free guides and videos that show you how to fix the Red Ring of Death.

  2. When you turn on you Xbox the green ring lights up showing how many controllers are plugged in. If the green rings are replaced by either three of four red ring then you have the RROD. Send it in and Microsoft. However before you spend money check to see that all cords are plugged in and see if it happens again if you unplug your 360 and restart it. Sometimes it will work fine after a reboot.

  3. there will be a full red ring meaning a cable isnt plugged in correctly but if there is three rings you need to send it back to xbox for repairs

  4. the power button you know the one you press to turn on your xbox and then it was like 4 lights and then one of them turns green when you turn your controller on,

    well if you ever get the red ring of death the green light would turn red instead of green and that way you would know you have it

  5. Well wear you plug in a controller and it turns green in that spot when you turn on the 360 that will be red if its full that means you hae 4 red rings of death if it looks like you have 3 controllers plugged in then u have the 3 red rings. Hope I helped :]

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