Home Playstation Forum How do you connect the official bluetooth headset to ps3?

How do you connect the official bluetooth headset to ps3?


My brother’s headset has been paired for a while and suddenly today it’s decided to not connect to the ps3. Do i have to re-sync it? What do i do?


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  1. Go to settings, bluetooth settings, manage bluetooth devices, go to the headsets name, click triangle, delete. Then get the headset and plug it into the playstation with the usb until it blinks purple

  2. In order for you ps3 to detect your mic you must first make sure the mic is working properly as in powering on, the official ps3 mic comes with a charging dock and a USB cable, the mistake i made when i first got the mic was to sync it through Bluetooth, however for it to properly work, you must first delete your paired device from the Bluetooth menu and then exit, after you have exited the menu connect the mic directly to the ps3 via the USB cable, then power on your mic until it is in discovery mode, then enter the menu again and start the search for a device, it should bring up a small alert on the top right corner of the screen saying *paring successful,* then simply go to the *Audio Device Settings* menu and select the mic as your primary device, and there you go! The mic should work and should also be set in HQ mode. Hope this helps, and if all else fails you may have a problem with your mic.

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