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How can I play PAL games on my ps3?


Hi, I bought a UK game and I can’t play it on my ps3. I know I need to connect it through HDMI but I don’t have an HD tv. I was wondering if there was a converter or something i could use before I waste more money on a flat screen.

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  1. Attempting to play a PAL game has nothing to do with owning an HD TV or connecting your PS3 with an HDMI cable. If you live in Canada or the U.S. (North America) then you have an NTSC console and therefore you can’t play PAL games on it. The same goes for owners of a PAL console; they can’t play NTSC games on them.

    The only thing you can do now is return the game and get an NTSC version. If it’s a game that’s only available in PAL, then you would have to fork out some cash and buy a PAL PS3.

    By the way, you’re kinda missing out since you don’t own a flatscreen TV. Connecting your PS3 through HDMI on a flatscreen in full 1080p makes a major difference compared to regular 480i on a tube or projection TV. The clarity is stunning and everything is crystal-clear and noise-free (no snowy signals, no wavy lines, no signal loss, etc.)

    Back when I first got my PS3, I was playing Need for Speed: Carbon and NHL ’08 on a 20″ tube TV. Most of the text was so small that I couldn’t read it, and even cranking up the sharpness on my TV didn’t help. Everything was so blurry.

    Several years later when my parents got a 32″ flatscreen and my friend gave me an HDMI cable, I was blown away at the clarity and how everything looked in 1080p (even 720p looks great). When I played Carbon and NHL, I was able to read the text that I couldn’t see on my tube TV with no problems at all.

    Anyway, I hope you solve your PAL problem!

  2. You could get a converter, but honestly, an HDTV would be a better investment, as PAL-NTSC converters are not cheap devices, no matter where you get them.

    When it comes to PS3 games, the PAL-NTSC regional issue only applies to older PS3 games. The majority of the recent PS3 games actually support both PAL and NTSC SD video, so those shouldn’t be a problem unless you try to get add-on content for those games in the PSN store.

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