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How can I get sound from a PS3 running on a computer monitor?


I don’t have a TV, so I hooked up my PS3 to one of my computer monitors using a HDMI -> DVI cable. It works very well except for the small fact I overlooked – no sound. The monitor has DVI and VGA sockets, and obviously no speakers. I know I could use the optical out socket on the PS3, but I have no speakers with that attachment, and I’m not keen to spend big money on getting any.


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  1. Do you have a stereo with a red and white(RCA) input. Just hook up the PS3 to the stereo with the red, white and yellow(obviously leaving the yellow unhooked) the go into the settings on your PS3 and use the HDMI for video output and use the RCA option for audio output.

  2. I’m not sure exactly how the PS3 is set up, but the Xbox 360 has two separate outputs – one for HDMI, one for everything else. So I have my HDMI cable to my TV, and the other ‘universal’ output, which supports RCA and component/optical, hooked up to my speakers.

    If the PS3 is similar, you could just plug the RCA sound cables into a 1/8″ or 1/4″ adapter (it looks like a Y), and plug headphones or computer speakers into it.

    You probably aren’t going to be able to get surround sound or anything out of a setup like that (without an optical connection, anyway). But at least you’ll get some basic sound.

  3. Has a PS£ got an optical out? It’s a red light thingy. You could use a cheap(ish) surround unit that you can get for a PC. About £30 in Argos.

  4. You can use the HDMI for picture only, and use RCA for sound. Just check the video and sound options, and set the audio to go through the RCA cables.

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