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How am I going to set up Xbox Live in my home?


I just got an Xbox Elite and i want Xbox Live because I have been playing the Campaign, Special Ops, and Multiplayer Mode, but i want Live because it’s so much better than what I’m playing now. The main problem is that my computers and internet/network is on the complete other side of the house. My TV is like 100-150ft away from my internet/network. I need to know the cheapest and best connection I can get for Live. PLEASE HELP BY ANSWERING THIS QUESTION!

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  1. you can get a longer internet cable or a wireless thing. the cable is the cheaper option but u may not like the fact that a cord is going to running through your entire house. or u could get a wireless thing but they cost up from around 80 dollars

  2. 2 options: wired or wireless. if you have a wireless N router, you should be fine with the wireless N wireless adapter. if it is G, you may have some connection problems. this is based on that you actually know how much is 100ft. or you can go buy an eithernet cord. note: eithernet cords can be expensive, i reccomend finding a computer store instead of bestbuy or future shop. you will pay full price at big name stores.

  3. Possibility 1 (best, 99$): Buy an Xbox 360 network adapter for 99$ (get the black one its way faster).

    Possibility 2 (good, around 30-50$): Buy a wireless modem for your desktop (i guess that’s what you have) and move the router closer to the Xbox so you can connect a Cat5e ethernet cable

    Possibility 3 (working well, around 10$): Set up a very long cable from the Xbox to the router (that’s what i did)

    I recommend the wireless modem is you don’t have many non wifi desktops and if you can move the router. If that is not the case, consider the long cable. The network adapter is just too expensive.

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