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Having problems with PS3.?


I just bought a 20gb backwards compatible ps3 off of ebay. i plug in all the wires and cords (2 of them), flip the switch, and turn it on. The light turns green, then switches to yellow, then to red, and just blinks red. the fan turns off. I try putting a disk in, and there’s something blocking it. Cha Cha said it had something to do with corrupted memory, and some website said that it was “CPU failure,” or something like that. Can anyone diagnose my problem, and hopefully tell me how to solve?

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  1. Hi! Have you considered fixing it yourself?

    If you wish to fix it yourself, please refer to this article, hope it helps you as i follow their guide and videos and managed to fix my problems such as Yellow/Red/Green light of death and Freezing screen!

    [url is not allowed].

  2. the ps3 you bought has yellow light of death ( that’s what they call it when it shows the yellow then flashes red )

    basically you were ripped off and bought a dead ps3 , it has a faulty motherboard/cell processor.

    you should return it and get your money back if you can , if the tamper proof seal isn’t broken Sony will fix it for $159 plus taxes ( about $180 total ) , if it’s been taken apart already you will have to try to fix it yourself unless you can return it.

    there are ylod repair guides online but at best you’ll get a couple of months use from it by using them.

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