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Easy 10 Points! NBA 2k11 PS3?


I play on superstar/default during my association mode gameplay. I started always having a 10 point lead and keeping it at that. The only teams that are actually a challenge are teams like boston spurs okc those kinds of teams. But I tried hall of fame, and the hornets made all their shots. I was the Mavericks. They shot like 82% even with a hand in their face.any tips on

how to play better man defense

I have open 3s at times, but they don’t even get in.does shot selection really matter?

better post defense?

Easy if you have some decent tips. Or even if you have a source that could help me. Thanks in advance!

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  1. [url is not allowed].

    I’m not as serious about the game as you. I cheat and i always have it on easy. I just play sometimes to dunk on people and for fun. But i find this and I always score with it. If you have ever played any NHL game These moves really help. It like in NHL where there is always a certain spot every game where if you shoot it right you will score. Its like that except with moves

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