Home Playstation Forum can xbox games play on ps2?

can xbox games play on ps2?


it was just a question you dont need to be so rude.i dont no alot bout playstation and xbox hence y im asking this question im from new zealand so i dont no much bout nba and all that either

dont b such a douche

and i cant try it coz my friends borrowing playstation and i found game and theas no point asking for it back if game not gunna work.

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  2. Dude you’re a freakin’ idiot. If they worked together, the xbox wouldn’t have been invented. Thats like asking if WNBA players are compatible with the NBA.

  3. No. Not at all. They are encoded in different ways, and the way PS2 recognises spyro is much different than Xbox. I used to play a PS1 Spyro on my PS2 tho, so if you want, you can probably find a used one for VERY cheap online, even if it is from PS1

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