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can i use an external Dard drive as an add on to a XBOX 360?


i have an external HD at home, can i use this as an add on to my xbox360.or this can only be od on the ps3?

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  1. I believe you can but not to save games or downloaded media. I think it has to be formatted to FAT32. You can store music and photos on it and then view or listen through your XBOX360.

  2. I think you can depending on the make ( if its and offical microsoft hard drive ) it should as long as it has usb cable and can plug into your xbox

    hope it works for you.

  3. You can use an external drive to be able to access things like media, but you cannot use it for storage of Xbox system files(profiles, game saves, etc.)

    I have a 120GB external USB hard drive connected to mine that I have MP3’s stored on that I play through my Xbox.

    I’d recommend one that uses an external power supply. I tried one the uses the USB for power and it didn’t work, even with a powered USB hub.

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