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Can a ps3 controller work with an emulator?


I was just wondering if a ps3 controller would work with a ps3 or ps2 emulator via usb. and I was also wondering what the best ps2 and ps3 emulators are and where i could get ps2 and 3 roms.

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  1. Yes, a PS3 controller works with any emulator and any PC game as long as the emulator/game in question are gamepad-compatible. Otherwise, you can still use the controller with a keypress emulator like Xpadder (download via torrent – otherwise it costs). Motionjoy is another keypress emulator but if you plan on using the analog sticks, stick with Xpadder – Motionjoy does not recognize the analog controls. That, and Xpadder has overall better functionality. Buttons do different things in different contexts, two can be simulated with a single button, etc.

    The best ps2 emulator is Pcsx2 but it’s still far from perfect – a list of working games can be found on the emulator’s site here: [url is not allowed]

    There’s also a configuration guide for the emulator here: [url is not allowed].

    The bios and plugins listed in the configuration guide can be downloaded via torrent here: [url is not allowed].

    Roms can typically be found just by Googling “[game name] ps2 rom]”

    There is currently no PS3 emulator. Check back in 2020 or 2030.

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