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best place to get ps3 ylod fixed?



My ps3 has got the ylod.What is the best professional repair service in newport(gwent) or cardiff?thanx.

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  1. Hi you have a couple of options

    [url is not allowed]

    they offer a speedy service.

    Or have you thought about fixing it yourself, it is actually quite easy to do. Check out these pointers and see what you think.

    1. If you are having the yellow light error it is likely that the console is overheating. Turn it off for about an hour, ensure the vents a free from dust and there is plenty of cool air circulating around the console.

    2. If you are receiving a disk error, eject the disk and look for signs of damage. If the disk is dirty try cleaning it with a dry clean cloth.

    3. If your console is freezing hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds. Leave the machine for twenty minutes then turn it back on again.

    4. If you are having video issues, check the settings. Ensure you have selected the correct type of TV output. If this hasn’t solved it hold the power switch for five seconds or so which will activate the standard video settings.

    5. You could be having problems with your net work connection, if this is the case ensure the Ethernet cable is securely in place at both ends.

    6. For any other issues it is recommended that you get hold of a PS3 repair guide, like the one written by Rob Sheffield. He is a professional PS3 repairman and has been fixing them for about 4 years. The guide itself is full of videos and simple step by step instructions to fix your PS3 problems fast.

    If you want some more information check out this site [url is not allowed] it should have all you need to get you playing again and fast.

    hope this helps

  2. Oh no you’ve got the PS3 red light of death/YLOD too! wait a minute though you don’t need to worry because a companion of mine recently had his mended.How did he do it? – well he visited a site that gave him details of how to fix the lights and whats more they promised him that if it didn’t work there would be no charge. It didn’t matter because it was fixed and he’s happy. This is maybe be a site that you should have a look at.

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