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10 Tips For Surviving in Left 4 Dead 2


So do you want to live through the zombie apocalypse? Here are 10 killer tips and tricks for playing as the human survivors in Left 4 Dead 2.

1. Pick the Right Weapon for the Right Level
This one seems obvious but many people seem to miss the concept. You cannot survive if you take a sniper rifle into a close quarters combat or dual pistols in a swamp level. Always be thinking about the level ahead in the safe room, making sure that you pick the right weapon.

2. Don’t just charge out of the Safe Room
The safe room is there for a reason. You can sit by the door and slowly pick off zombies, making the beginning easier without taking any risk. You have an infinity supply of ammo in the safe room and need to use it for your gain.

3. Witches are no Good, but can be beaten
Everyone hates to hear that crying witch, and the best method is to stay away with your flashlights off. Sometimes the cruel game designers put the witch in middle of the only path, making confrontation the only method of getting to the next safe room, but there is one option. If you have the katana you can behead the witch without her knocking you down. Just make sure you sneak up from be hind and aim for the head!

4. I like my Tanks Char-Grilled
An easy way to give tanks lots of damage is to light them on fire. You can either throw a Molotov cocktail at a tank or the tanks path, or you can shoot a gas can lighting the tank on fire. This does tremendous damage to the tank and is a must on the harder difficulties.

5. Boomer Bile Strategy
The boomer bile is a throw-able item that attracts the horde. This is great for when you are getting swarmed or when a teammate is down and you need to heal them. Also the swarm will not pay attention to you so you can just spray bullets into the green mist knowing that you will kill many, many zombies.

6. Use the Right Melee Weapon
If you choose to have a melee weapon (which I recommend) you need to pick the right one. While I think the frying pan is fun to use, I will always take the hatchet because they have the same range but the hatchet is better. While I like slamming zombies with a guitar, I know the Axe is better as a long reach melee. I rarely use the chainsaw because it runs out after a minute or two and then is useless.

7. Melee works for Special Infected
Part of what makes L4D2 brilliant is the special infected, but they can be difficult to kill and annoying. Often the best way to get an infected away/off is to melee them. When a hunter pounces your teammate melee them off, melee boomers off so they don’t puke on you, melee smokers or the person being restricted, get the pattern?

8. Computer players are Worthless in the end
The computer players are decent but are not worth risking your life for. If you are in the safe room that is all that matters. It is a bad idea to leave the safe room to help the computer players, even if they are just outside (Of course I wouldn’t leave a person behind in real life but in L4D2 save yourself).

9. Everyone loves Fireworks
In the final level of Dark Carnival you have to defend the stage from the hordes of zombies until a helicopter picks you up. If you are in the center of the stage you will notice that the stands has an indent where there is a box of fireworks. Place the fireworks near the stage stairs and light them when the horde come.

10. Adrenalin over Pain Pills
In my opinion adrenalin is more effective then pain pills, even though adrenalin gives you 25 less health boost. It also speeds up a lot of actions, such as healing yourself or other teammates, running, and reloading. Make the decision for yourself, but I recommend the adrenalin.

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