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What should I buy Xbox S or Ps3 S?


Please no Fanboys i am unbiased.

I live on a farm and want a good sytsem. I already have an Xbox 360 elite (FAT) and it has the open tray error and have gotton really tired of sending it in and it has rrod so i want to upgrade. Should i get the Ps3 SLim or Xbox 360 Slim i just want to play games online im not a graphic freak and dont care about blueray i also dont like paying $60 a year for Gold XBL but i dont mind it. Also i love motorstorm and ratchet and clank for ps3 and being able to play ps1 spyro. But i also love Halo which is one of my favorites what should i go with?

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  1. i have both but the ps3 has twistedmetal and free online so i never touch the x box

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    if u like halo try star hawk

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  2. Depends on how much of a halo freak you are. If you are totally crazy about it, buy the xbox, otherwise you should buy the PS3. If you like shooters the PS3 has plenty of ’em. But most of them are also available on xbox.

  3. Ps3! I have both, i kind of like the feel of the xbox controller more but the PS3 has way better games and free online

  4. PS3, but i think there’s an even slimmer version on the way, not sure when so just get the 1 that there now.

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