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Need Fifa 10 PS3 help?


I’m seriously annoyed with fifa 10 online at the moment, every game for the past 15 or so I’ve lost for three simple reasons.

1. My players are EXTREMELY soft in defence, which there seems to be nothing I can do about

2. My players are no where near as fast as the other persons players

3. About 75% of my passes get intercepted or go astray, yet my opponent can go exactly the same pass and it won’t get intercepted.

I think the main reason I’m losing the majority of my online games is because of my team, it really seems like half the time they just stand there doing nothing and I have to do all the work myself, the computer players do nothing to help. About 15 times today I’ve put in a pass that has rolled right past one of my players and they don’t do anything to stop it.

Also, when I make a break with the ball my opponents defenders catch me easily which is fair enough, but then he makes a break and my defenders just run next to him and don’t make much of an attempt to get the ball off him (this even happens when I’m controlling the player)

Lastly, a major problem is where my players are. Half the time I think I’ve got about 7 men on the field because there’s usually only 2 people up front instead of 3, 2 in the midfield instead of 3 and 3 at the back instead of 4.

I know online can be difficult but this is ridiculous, I’m sure no one I verse is cheating, but at the same time it feels as if I’m disadvantaged in comparison to them because I easily lose the majority of my games. I practice all the time but can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong in difference to my opponent or how to improve.

Wow, that was a lot to explain.

So has anyone got any tips that might be able to help me?

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  1. I don’t know why you lose so often. I lose sometimes but not this much!

    Are you getting a team that is equal to your opponent’s?

    If your opponent get Real Madrid don’t get Atletico, get Barcelona, that should even the odds.

    And something else that helped me a lot, don’t push the R2 button all the time!

    Anyway sorry i didn’t explain everything you asked but i really don’t know who to help you otherwise.

    Catch you around FIFA someday!

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