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What would be a good router for XBOX live?


Alright, I currently have a NETGEAR WGR614, but I barely EVER find games. I have to wait like 10 minutes just to find one. I’m wondering what router I could buy that’s faster than the router I have now, but under $100.

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  1. ITS NOT YOUR ROUTERS PROBLEM, i hav a older router and find cod mw2 matches easily, its not ur router, if its a old game then it might b that, cuz not as many ppl r playing it

  2. Ive got a Linksys router from Cisco. No problems at all.

    Are you sure its the router? What game are you playing that takes that long to find games? Maybe it is just an old game and there arent many people playing it online still?

  3. Hi,

    You already have a good router it sounds like its not setup right that’s all and sounds like a NAT issues, have a look here:- [url is not allowed].

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