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Subscription Xbox 360 live help?


Note: First time using live, If you have a gold subscripton card, can you enter the code there and not sign up for the 3 month, 1 year subscription memberships. I don`t want to pay by credit cards and stuff since I don`t have that now.
thanks the answers were helpful.

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  1. If you go to My Xbox, then your tab and select it, you can go to manage account and scroll on down to redeem code.

  2. just don’t give them your credit card info, so anytime you want to get live you just put in your code from the live card.

  3. when your setting up a new account it asks what subscription info you want just click the one that says you don’t want one. if your account is already set up press the xbox guide button (the big x button) go all the way to the left and click redeem code

  4. Yes, if you just enter the code, it will give you the subscription for however long the card said on it. No need for a credit card.

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