GTAV crashing on Xbox 360?

So I bought GTAV for my xbox 360 2 weeks ago and everything was going fine as expected, but all of a sudden today I was just playing and the game just froze so as anyone would do I turned it off and back on and 3 red rings came on so I re-plugged all connections and the red rings went away. I have a Xbox 360 from 2007 with the basic HDD, headset blah blah basically it’s old and I’ve heard the gave problems with these game. So I cleared Almost all data off of including music, marketplace, videos, apps etc. The only thing I left on it was my currently saved progress in the game so I wouldn’t have to start all over, I reinstalled the first disc and started game play and sure enough after 10 minutes my screen went black again in gameplay, anyway to fix this(if there’s a way) without starting all over, is it that I need new cords or a different power outlet?

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2 thoughts on “GTAV crashing on Xbox 360?”

  1. Because you have the older and one of the original models they were not built as sturdy and the fan system on them was not nearly as strong as the ones that came out from 2011 on. Games like GTA V use up a lot of ram causing your overall CPU to work much harder. More likely than anything else is your system is overheating and causing the crash. Even though realistically the game should be able to be played on your system because it is older it’s having a lot of difficulty. Your best option is to send it back to XBox and have them correct the issue. It will cost about $100 (very easy process on their website) and last I remember comes with a 90 day warranty. They will attempt to fix yours but if unable they will send you a refurbished model.

    Unfortunately given how the old the system is it’s really not worth the $100 anymore so whether you want to spend the money on fixing it may be the bigger issue. There are unauthorized people who could attempt to fix your XBox and generally charge anywhere from $40-$60. Just do a simple google search for something along the lines of “fix my xbox” and your town. If you do plan on fixing your current model I suggest keeping it in a VERY open standing up on its side so it is able to get max ventilation.

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