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Assassin’s Creed India Xbox One Gameplay – Let’s Play AC India


Assassin's Creed India Xbox One Gameplay - Let's Play AC India


  1. It would be so rad if this was a proper, main series Ass Creed game, this would be a damn cool setting.

  2. Im actually here for the Sci fi, alien, orbital death laser stuff….but medieval architecture is sub reason as well

  3. It's amazing how were so cultured to kill people in videogames that it's somewhat startling when non violence is a requirement

  4. I don't even like this game. Sikhs fighters in this game is the worst. Hey we won the war any ways. Changing the story sucks. Muslims lost the war. Sikhs won.

  5. Am I the only one who really wants an Assasin's creed game set in Japan?? Assasin's are Ninja, Templar are samurai?? COME ON!!

  6. I started playing "India" while I was 1/3 of my way through "China" and HOLY! WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!
    . Arbaaz actually have CHARACTER!
    . There's actually NPCs and people walking around in the towns! India Feel ALIVE
    . The story actually kept me INVESTED!

    Seriously! SCREW SHAO JUN!!! She can go to hell for all I care

  7. The game don't look great for me, but this guys the way they comment it's so good so fun, but I like Nintendo better looks like Nintendo game, I like the video for you guys nice job

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