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Xbox one or PS4 and why?



  1. Personally,

    I think XBox One is awesome!

    I want one so bad,

    I feel like it makes games way more realistic.

    My brother thinks its stupid.

    I’m a girl ( 15 y/o )

    and I’m more of a Nintendo 64 type of person, In all honesty.

    But the XBox One,

    I am defiantly looking forward to getting (:

  2. this Q is not going away anytime soon, lol.

    not surprising, ppl stil ask about PS3 or X360.

    Xbox One.:

    -wont work unless Kinect is always attached & the Kinect is always monitoring the room, oh n guess what, if it breaks the kinect is not replaceable, they need to sort that out.

    -need an internet connection for the console to work, loose ur internet for a while and ur console becomes useless.

    -no backwards compatibility (not really a big thing IMO, i dnt get rid of my consoles).

    -payed online as usual.

    -pay to play used/pre-owned games, cant lend ur games to ur friend.

    -with all that money no Originality/Creativity/Effort in the design looks like an old skool VCR with a disc slot instead of a cassette slot.

    -doesnt work w/o an HDTV, so only HDMI, ur new TV breaks and u want to use ur old 1 until u get a new 1 its not possible.

    -ALL games need to b installed b4 play (have a PC for that).

    -not really a games console, more like a living room cinema/media entertainment system that just happens to play VGs.

    so i say PS4 all the way.

  3. Short version

    Xbox one has many apps and different aspects which make it an all-in-one set

    Ps4 has better graphics

    Xbox – if you like tv, movies, music, games, etc

    Ps4 – hard core gamers

    Its always better to have the same console as your friends

    Personally I will buy the xbox one, simply because it makes your tv turn into a smart tv with voice and movement.

    When games get even better in a year or so I’ll go for ps4 if my friends want to buy it as well.

    Till then its all about playing with friends to have a good time, both will be very good.

    And no the xbox one isn’t that ugly. If you look back to all the other consoles and compare them they all have retarded features. And we can’t even compare it to the ps4 yet

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