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Xbox Live Setup Help PLEASE!?


My computer and Xbox 360 are on different floors so I can’t connect to my computer. I don’t have a router so I can’t use a wireless adapter. I would like to keep my xbox were it is. Besides running 200ft of cable through my house is there any other solutions?

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  1. nope if you don’t have wireless then i’m afraid you’re gonna have to drill yourself a hole through the floor, at least that’ll save you some cable

  2. no. in your case u must get a router and first set it up to the modem. then use the wireless adapter to connect to the router and so on and so forth. srry.

  3. do you have a cable modem?

    that what i use it it works very good

    all you need is a long ethernet cord

  4. if you have a working ethernet patch near the xbox then you can use that, otherwise, buy a router and the adaptor

  5. You can use a cable. You can buy an ethernet cable at amazon for cheap. If you have a laptop you can use this method:

  6. yes, this is possible.

    Using power line networking

    [url is not allowed]

    explains this

    hope i helped

  7. wait.why do you need to connect it to your computer? i thought with an x box you can also put it on a tv? no?

    or if your really gonna use the computer why not (if you have) use a laptop?

    Or just pick up the x box and put it near your computer.

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