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Xbox live not working?


So xbox is apparently having some issues with the new update. When I turned my xbox on it says there’s an update but the when it tries to download it, it says update failed and I can’t sign into live. Is xbox live down for everyone right now?
Got it working dudes.

Just needed to restart a few times to get the update downloaded then restart to sign into live.

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  1. I don’t even care about the freakin update I was in the middle of watching stuff on Netflix. Now I can’t get into live.

  2. Not for me but I heard there server is down so just hang tight. I believe it was because sooo many people were trying to get the update.

  3. I tried the suggestion about clicking on friends and accepting the new terms of use. It worked wonderfully! Thanks!

  4. just restart your router. wait 30 seconds, & then turn on your xbox. you just have to keep restarting it. i restarted my router & just turned my xbox off & waited like 5 minutes. then it signed me back into xbox & is updating now.

  5. Mines not even giving me a choice to update, its just says can’t connect to xbox live. It’ll start to load up the connection, and then it’ll stop and say not working. Stupid update.

  6. Yea it’s down for a lot of people! I’m going to bed and I’ll try it in the morning or afternoon to see if anything changes.

  7. [url is not allowed]

    Got the heads up to check the Xbox support site from trying to test / configure my network

    It says they know there are issues trying to sign in to Xbox LIVE and yata yata yata

  8. man it seems X-box, Beth, and all other game companies are seeing massive errors with their updates and patches! I’ve never seen so many problems before. maybe when the 360 first came out but now yikes, Battle field 3 issues, Skyrim issue’s, I heard cod mw3 had some issue’s and now xbox live, is it because their reaching the limits or going beyond limits for console platforms? or are they just working out the bugs for a new direction? not sure all i got to say is when they work out the bugs it’ll be amazing.! but if this is too much for the 360 pump out the 720 so we stop investing all our paychecks on games an micro points!!

  9. Go to social on the dashboard and click friends. After that accept the TERMS OF SERVICE and you will be up and running

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