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Can i play xbox live with a wired router, and if i can how can i do it without having 400 feet of cable?

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  1. Use a “Homeplug”.

    It’ll let you network your Xbox to your router through your mains electricity wiring.

  2. The 360 doesn’t have Wi-Fi out of the box, so yeah, you can connect to XBL using a wired router.

    How can you do it without 400 feet of cable? Oh, I don’t know, maybe move the router closer to your 360 or maybe move the 360 closer to the router.

  3. Both the Xbox and 360 come with an ethernet port.

    Running an ethernet cable from your xbox to your switch/routeris the easiest and cheapest way to connect your Xbox to the internet for Xbox Live. This can be difficult if your Xbox is far away in another room. Some things that may help:

    1: To avoid running the cable along the floor inside your house, or as I used to do, duct-taping it to the walls, try running it outside, and/or through your attic, crawlspace or basement. If you decide to do this, look into installing an actual ethernet jack in your wall on both ends – it will look neater, and will allow you to easily plug in other devices (or multiple devices) as your needs change. This will still need a long wire, but at least it’ll be hidden, and improves your property values 🙂

    2: If running a wire is totally out of the question, you can use wireless networking. If you’re already using wireless in the house, you’re already halfway finished. Simply buy a wireless access point (WAP) for your Xbox, and plug it in using a short ethernet cable. A WAP is essentially a small ethernet switch with a wireless adapter built into it. This allows you to connect distant ethernet devices to a wireless network. I recommend getting a WAP instead of the 360-specific wireless adapter because a WAP will allow multiple devices to be connected to it, while costing about the same as the single device adapter.

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