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Xbox 360 Repair?


I sent my xbox 360 maybe 3 weeks ago but my serial hardware number was taken off and i need to know when they are sending my xbox 360 back. Any guesses?

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  1. Do you mean that the serial number was taken off of the service website, where you can monitor the repair progress? If so, this is normal. What this usually means, and in the case when I had mine repaired/replaced, is that you will more than likely not be getting the system you sent in back. But you’ll be receiving a refurbished system in return. The replacement system will have the new heat sink which will keep it cooler and quieter. It’ll be like a brand new system. Microsoft will go ahead and give you a new warranty to go w/ this system as well. All of this will be documented on the paperwork you receive w/ the system. Not sure if it will have the HDMI port though. But you have nothing to worry about. The disappearing serial number is also telling you that they’re getting ready, if they haven’t already, to send you a system back. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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