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Xbox 360 DVD playback, trading in Xbox?


I am buying an Xbox 360 sometime soon, and I have a couple questions about things.

1) I have an original xbox, and besides playing halo 2, the thing it is most frequently used for is playing dvds. Does the Xbox 360 have the same kind of dvd playback, what is the playbacks quality, and does it require anything extra to use it like wires or a remote. Keep in mind that I am not asking about HD Dvds, just regular old dvds.

2) If the 360 DOES have acceptable dvd playback, then I would like to trade in my original xbox to my local EB Games. Its a see-through “crystal” version that I got about three years ago. It works fine, but the power cable in the back lost a bit of its rubber protection, so the part that plugs into the back of the xbox has the metal connector exposed, and I have seen it spark once or twice over the years. Because of this defect, will EB Games not accept my xbox?

Any answers at all regarding either question is much appreciated.

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  1. Yes, the Xbox 360 plays DVDs (region locked like the original Xbox) but it does not require a remote and dongle – you can control it via your joypad controller. Also the DVD playback is upscaled to HD if you have an HDTV as the Xbox 360 has the hardware to do this buit-in.

    Get a replacement power cord, Microsoft were issuing these out because of potential problems with the PSU. However, I had 2 crystals and both were fine as were my friends who also had Crystals. You could just buy a new cable or try your luck with EB Games, they can only say no – in which case, buy a replacement cable and try again.

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