Home Playstation Forum will an hdmi cable improve my ps3 game graphics?

will an hdmi cable improve my ps3 game graphics?


i have a 1080i tv with component cable (Green,Blue, and Red)

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  1. Your component cable sucks. if you are going to get an HDMI cable, choose wisely. i Recommend the Sony HDNA HDMI Cable, its the best one ever. its makes the graphics look like you’re looking tjough a window and playing. its amazing.

  2. You will have asked yourself why you have not done it sooner. And HDMI would take care of both audio and video.

  3. Technically yes, but some of these answers make it sound like there will be a huge improvement, which really is not true. Your TV only goes to 1080i; HDMI is not gonna make a dramatic improvement over Component. Most people aren’t gonna be able to see the difference (though this may depend on the size of the TV screen).

  4. Yes, absolutely, if you have a PS3 and an HD TV, then you need an HDMI cable to connect them:)

    Don’t be persuaded to buy a really expensive HDMI cable, they are a con, all you need is a decent quality ordinary one, I wouldn’t pay less than $10 or more than around $30:)

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