Home Xbox Forum why do ladies mone about the xbox?

why do ladies mone about the xbox?


the just nag you they dont even try to play one

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  1. Women and xboxs do not mix. It’s like trying to eat a marmite and graphite sandwich.


    i stand corrected, lol!

  2. What’s the matter dude?

    Can’t find a girl of your dreams that loves Xbox 360s?

    Then get a Wii,and find a girl that loves Wiis.

    I’m sure the mojority of female gamers own Wiis and PS2s,oh and Ds and PSPs too.

    Xbox 360 are for the men who play 7 hours per day to get 50,000Gs and knock all the other loafers out Xbox LIVE.

    Still.there’s always that 0.01% chance that the top stars of Xbox LIVE is a girl.

  3. I don’t moan about my boyfriend’s xbox, playstation 3 or wii, I just tut. I used to have a Nintendo, a Saga Megadrive and eventually a playstation as a teenager but I got bored of it by the time I was about 14 when I got into reading Stephen King books.

    I think it’s hard to see the appeal in playing computer games if you’re not into them, or not into them anymore

  4. bc when guys play it most of the time they ignore there grl. i dont like it. but if the guy isnt ignoring me idc what they do olol

  5. Not all females dislike video games. I love them. A lot of girls feel that games are for guys and they never give them a try because of that which makes them dislike them especially if their boyfriends or husbands play them too much.

  6. First of all, it’s spelled moan, not mone.

    Secondly, I love my 360. Halo is my addiction and I love the competitive aspect of it (MLG). I’m the one usually bugging guy friends to play it with me.

  7. It’s not just women who don’t like the Xbox.trust me.there are a a lot men out there who don’t too.

    And maybe we’re smarter than you? We know not to buy a new xbox after xbox after the first one breaks?! I guess “we” like keeping our money.

    By the way. f* those new avatars. HAHA

  8. i dont moan about the xbox and i love playing the 360

    not all girls nag and moan

    woooo go candy kisses, lets supports the girls hehe

  9. we dont just moan for the sake of it. us girls also like to play on xbox and other consoles too.

    the thing with men is you get OBSESSED with playing the games day and bloomin night whilst us women run around makin your tea and doin other house work whilst you sit on your lazy * gettin an erection from the shooting games!!


    guess i just nagged 😀

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