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Why did xbox send me this message?


i click on messages and from Live i got a message telling me i need two security proofs to access xbox live. and then told me how to go to account security. ive had this gold account for two years and have never had a problem. did someone try hacking me or is microsoft just being nice?

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  1. no u werent hacked. everyone has to do it. i got the same message about 2 months ago. it can be as simple as another email address or a phoe number. it just depends what you want to do

  2. I received that one too. It’s necessary for everyone to follow the steps (Xbox 360 members) Basically, when they forget their password and your email address. You’ll have to add another email address to whatever you’re currently using right now. It’s more likely to get less hack, so they’re just upgrading their security.

  3. They now require two proofs to help people reclaim their accounts if they forget the password and it’s supposed to increase account security. You can go to account.live.com and update them under security information.

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