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Where can I buy Xbox 360 console by itself?


So, recent price cut, I’ve been interested in getting me a 360, but I don’t want a package with a controller and a headset. My friend has extras of both of these and he said he would give me em’. So where can I buy the Xbox 360 console by itself. Because on commercials and stuff it says starting at $199, but I can only find packages that are $299 with controllers. So, where can I find the console by itself?

I am mainly buying it for Halo3.

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  1. Best place to buy one at would probably be somewhere like Game Stop or somewhere similar where that sell used/refurbished game consoles.

  2. just buy a 60gb and sell the controller on ebay saying its brand new

    keep the heatset because thos ehead setsing come wityh xboxs breaks after a littlke bit

  3. [url is not allowed]

    Click on Electronic 4 U they have new and used systems that aren’t gamepaks.

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