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What will gamestop give me for trade in on my PS3 that has YLOD?


Is there any trade in value left? or should I have sony repair my ps3 after loosing it for months waiting for the repair and paying 150 dollars. How long will that repair last just to have it fail again? any advice would be much helpful.

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  1. I do not think they will allow you to trade it unless it is working. I would suggesting using a guide such as this one: [url is not allowed] to fix it yourself. It can be fixed in a matter of hours and you can save the money. Then you can either trade it in once you get it working and get a new one or just keep it and hope it does not happen again.

  2. Oh no you have got the PS3 red light of death/YLOD too! hang on though you don’t need to worry because a companion of mine recently had his fixed.How did he do it? – well he visited a web site that gave him details of how to fix the lights and whats more they promised him that if it didn’t work there would be no charge. It didn’t matter because it was fixed and he’s happy. This is probably be a site that you should have a look at.

  3. gamestop won’t take it at all if it’s not working. you can get it repaired and trade it in after if you’re worried it’ll break again. at least you’d get your money back from the repair. I’d get it fixed by sony so you at least you get a 90 day warranty on it.

    if you try fixing it yourself be aware that once the warranty seal is broken you can’t trade it in or send it to sony and at most you’d get 2-3 months more use after the youtube repair.

    it only takes a week to 10 days for Sony to return another refurbished ps3 , not months.

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