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What the hell is wrong with my ps3?


How come when i turn on my ps3 it loads up slow and then the trademark appears only to stop there!? It wont start up how it should! It just stays stuck on the wavy background without allowing me to choose a profile! Also it wont start dvd, or ps3 games! By the way its a 40g! The Ps3 won’t even read the Ps3 controller for some reason!!

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  1. You may have a dis-functioned PS3.

    Call Sony at this number: 1800-345-7669 and tell them your problem. They will help you out in this problem.

    They may fix it over the phone but if they still can’t fix it, you may need to send your PS3 to Sony to get it fixed. If you have a warranty on it, they will fix it for free. But if you don’t, you will need to pay $150.

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