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Signing up for xbox live – having problems?


On xbox live, I am trying to sign up. The thing is, when I create an xbox live thing, it makes a new profile, but I want xbox live on my main profile so I can keep all my achievements etc.

How do I do this? Help is appreciated!
dizippp that doesnt work as you have to sign out before signing up

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  1. just sign in on your main profile, then connect to xbox live via Ethernet cable or wireless adapter, then go to the far left tab on the dashboard and choose ‘redeem code’, then enter the 25-character xbox live code. If redeem the code with the main profile signed in, then it will make the account on that profile. hope this helps

  2. I am trying to install Call of Duty Advance Warfare. So I delete everything from the memory and still don’t have enough room to download the installation. I can’t sign in Xbox Live, they say email or password doesn’t match, so I changed email and password and still can’t sign in. How can I find more space to install the game?

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