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should I have sold my ps3?


I recently got a inheritence check but I have to go down to the county courthouse and do a bunch of legal stuff which all costs money so I sold my ps3 and mw2 for 150$ and 25$ worth of pot. (medical mj of course)anyways I had 45 days worth of playing time clocked on the system so I was feeling like I was reachhing the end of the system’s lifespan anyw

ays do you think I got ripped off? also i go to college and am going to recieve a financial aid check next month, so i’ll just buy a new system then, but I feel like I got ripped off

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  1. nah man, you’re good. i was trying to sell mine forever, and ended up getting about 200 for the system, 1 controller, and 2 games.

    are you sure you feel like you got ripped off? or do you just regret selling it? i kind of felt the same way for a few days, until i got myself a digital media player for my tv, that does everything the ps3 did, minus play the games. I’m now feeling a lot better about selling it.

    i’ve recently went back to my ps2 and super nintendo for my gaming, replaying old games and games i bought forever ago and never really played a lot of, and i’m having a blast with that.

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