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should i buy an x box 360?


Ice thought about it a little. If you answer say why what some good games are and if I shouldn’t because Microsoft might come out with another console.

P.s. I don’t like shooting games like modern warfare but I love halo

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  1. I was in your position a little while ago. I was either going to get a 360 or a PS3 for christmas and I couldn’t decide. PS3 has free live but more of my friends play live on 360 and its a better live experience (I’m 14 years old by the way). I decided to go with the 360 and I got the modern warfare 2 bundle. It has 250gb, console, 2 controllers, headset, and mw2. If you bought that separately, it would cost around $600 but they sell it as a package for $399. Even when I bought it i didn’t know if it was a smart idea. I’ve had it since christmas and i absolutely love it. I have live for it, it may seem pointless because live cost $50 for a year but its amazing. Since you don’t like shooting games, you can’t go wrong with any sport game but just remember not to get it too late in the year because new games for each sport come out each year. I have mw2, which is a great game. NCAA 10 which is fun because I like college football. And Halo 3 Odst, which is just like halo 3 but it has much more maps, options, multiplayer options, and more. So I think even though the price may seem high, it pays off with the experience.

    If you have any more questions just add me and we can talk. I know how you feel and I’m fine with answering any more of your questions.

  2. without microsoft, u wouldnt be on the computer u on today.

    Hell yesh , get the xbox and see what ur wer missing out on all this time

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