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PS3 WB Package infamous error?


So a while back, (when the WB package came out) I chose Infamous and Wipeout. Downloaded wipeout fine, no problem. But when it came to Infamous it just didnt work! I was getting error codes for every download I tried. I searched on the web for solutions but nothing came up except leave it for a while because the servers might be overloaded. Now its been over a month and I was watching vids online, I’d totally forgotten about it, until I watched an Infamous v Prototype grudge match, and I attempted download again. But still no luck! This time the error code is – 8002964. I have downloaded God of War HD fine with no problems and that’s over 2 gig I think. Help please?

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  1. I believe you mean error 80029564 (you’re missing the 5). That means it couldn’t be installed:

    [url is not allowed].

    Try deleting then redownloading it. If your PS3 is using wireless, try a wired connection instead. Sometimes wireless connections can cause corrupted data for some reason. If those methods don’t work / aren’t possible, then you may have to contact Sony for further assistance: 1-800-345-SONY (7669)

  2. iu had the same issue with the W@W Zombie maps for BO, just try turniing your Router off and then on, if it doesnt work then contact sony, ur PS3 may be in trouble 🙁 Hope this helped.

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