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PS3 HDTV do i need something with it?


I have a hdtv in my room , do i need to buy something extra for the ps3 to work on it , if it changes i’m getting the 80gb.
can someone post a link to amazon.com showing me the right one?

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  1. Well, yes and no. The PS3 does not come with any HD cables to connect a HDTV. It just comes with a standard A/V cable, which does not support an HD signal. So, you will need to buy a component cable or an HDMI cable (if your tv has an HDMI input, which it should). You can find either of these at any electronics store.

  2. No you do not! The PS3 will work on any TV. But if you want the HD Signal of the PS3 you must have a HDMI cord(TV must have a HDMI input) $20.00 or Compnent cables $20.00 this will bring you the HD experiance!

  3. Hdtv use hdmi cords.hdmi 1.3a is good cord for ps3.

    You may have an hd monitor which is differnet you may need hdmi cord to dvi adaptor.

  4. In order to get the best picture you need an HDMI cable for your ps3. But it will still work without one. just not as good as a picture with the standard A/V cables.

  5. Other than using either a component video cable kit or HDMI cable, nope.

    Just don’t use the standard AV cable that comes with the PS3. Oh, it’ll work.but it won’t be HD. You MUST use either the component cable kit (the Sony one is fine!) or a HDMI cable to get a HD signal from your PS3 to your TV.

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