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PS3 Controller Delay To SD TV?


Hi, my ps3 controller has a slight delay to my SD tv.

Its a 42″ TV and I’ve had it for 6 years now.

Ive recently started using it for gaming but i have a slight delay from the controller to the tv.

I didnt have this problem on the tv I previously used but now its just started!


@JD You think I dont want one? Id kill to get one but my dads being a douche.

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  1. I like the lack of help yahoo answer users seem to give now adays 😛


    some games like guitar hero let u calibrate the lag between controller and sound / video output.

    But not with the ps3 itself.

    I would first of all go into settings > display settings and reset everything to automatic.

    If this doesn’t help the problem am at a loss 😛

    hope this helps

    toodles 😛

  2. buy a hd t.v and stop living in the past with a sd tv

    sorry brother , its been so long since i have even seen a sd tv that this question was strange to me.

    i have a samsung l.e.d 62 inch 3d tv ultra hd ready that i use my ps3 on.

    just if you have a ps3 then most people assume that the person will have a hd tv as well as its almost pointless in playing otherwise.

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