Home Xbox Forum Problem with my Xbox 360 please help me!!?

Problem with my Xbox 360 please help me!!?


I’m having some type of loading problem! It’s normal white xbox 360, to start I will press play game from the menu and it’s not a disc problem cause it shoes the game picture so it will play the game but the problem is it will be stuck on that black loading screen after you press play and it will stay like that but I can bring up the xbox home button so il press go to xbox home and it will of course say ” are you sure you want to exit ” il press yes and then it will freeze just like that. Iv tried with multiple games Iv unplugged everything reconnected it all and it is still happening please help me!

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  1. You have a problem with your disc drive. You will have to watch a video on ‘how to take apart your xbox’, and then either replace your disc drive or take it apart and replace the magnet 🙂

  2. If your connected to Xbox live, simply disconnect the net connection, restart and games should start up normally. Xbl is having issues and its affecting everything.

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