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playstation 3 trophy question.?


do any of the following games will have trophy support?

call of duty world at world

metal gears solid 4

mirror edges

fallout 3

kill zone 2

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  1. the confirmed to release with trophy games on that list are :


    Mirrors edge

    Killzone 2

    and that’s all fallout 3 has NOT been confirmed to receive a trophy patch and neither has metal gear solid 4 the rumored patch is simply speculation that people say will come in the future

    EDIT: just today fallout 3 was confirmed to receive trophies a t a future date with this quote

    “It’s going to happen, just not sure when. We’ll let folks know when we have something more definitive.”

  2. call of duty, mirrors edge and killzone will.

    fallout 3 nothing has been announced about a patch

    as for MGS4 it is rumored that there will be a patch but highly unlikely in my opinion. But it does have 40 emblems which are sorta like trophys. I’m having a ton of fun getting them

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