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My Xbox Live Headset Barely Picks Up My Voice?


I can hear people perfectly but when I talk my voice is incredibly faint when I’m screaming Help!

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  1. buy a new one.

    half the headsets eventually break or do this where u can barely hear your voice theres 2 things u can do buy a new one or throw yours away and play without one.

    here’s a good site for a new one.

    wired head set- [url is not allowed].

    a very good head set my friend has it it works great and clips on to your ear for comfort. 10$ off which is great only 19.99$

    wireless headset- [url is not allowed].

    also very good a wireless head set that has a charger with it for free that you can charge while your not playing under 50$ and has good reviews.

    hope i helped.

  2. Microsoft’s official XBox mics are notoriously low quality. It’s probably just broken.

    I have plenty of XBL friends who go through mics as fast as newborns go through diapers. We all agree that this is the one product ever that’s worth picking up the “extended warranty”, but most places know better than to offer it anymore. Either do that, or pick up one of the non-official replacement mics you can find on Amazon or in an audio store.

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