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My PS3 Keep’s freezing?


Enyone help please thanks.

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  1. There is only one method to do.

    If its on the fat ps3, this is what you do:

    1. Turn off your ps3. (Back switch)

    2. Hold the eject button for 10 seconds but don’t let go.

    3. While holding the eject button, turn on the ps3, with the back switch.

    4. The fans on the ps3 will be running and will be noiser but after 3 or 4 mins, switch off the ps3 and turn it on and there you have, a working ps3 with no problems at all.

    If its a slim ps3, this is what you do:


    1.Unplug power cord

    2.Hold the eject button.

    3.While holding the eject button, plug the power cord back in and hold the eject button until the fan starts to rapidly spin.

    Hope this helps because i had the same problem and now its fixed 😀

  2. My PS3slim did it all the time when I used to use the internet browser. No idea why. I guess its just not very well put together.

  3. Ok is this happening with black ops? Have u tried other games? If it’s just black ops, this is what u have to do! Cuz I had same problem just with that game! U have to go to where the game folder is & go to top above ps saves & there will be black ops & other games u played. Then on black ops press triangle & it will say delete & information. Well delete it, I also deleted my black ops save file also (not entirely sure if u have to,but I did it. U will have to redownload ur dlc though)! After I did that, it worked fine. What I heard they were banning alot of boosters & cheaters (so they were scanning ppls accounts not sure if it’s true)! I haven’t had any problems just with that game. Oh & 1 last thing ur very pretty!

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