Home Playstation Forum Is there anyway of getting a Red Dead Redemption PS3 DLC?

Is there anyway of getting a Red Dead Redemption PS3 DLC?


Firstly i just want to no what a DLC is for the ps3?

Ive been told people got exclusive content when they pre-ordered the game? I was just wondering if it is still possible to get the DLC or exclusive content?

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  1. A DLC means downloadable contents that extends replayability value for a game. It could be additional maps, costumes, game modes etc.

    People got exclusive content for the RDR but it doesn’t the game experience for us who didn’t preorder it. I believe the exclusive contents is just an additional outfit and a “Most Wanted” character to be hunted other than those who appear in regular versions. PS3 owners like me also have an exclusive gang hideout Solomon’s Folly and Walton Outfit.

    The first RDR DLC (new game modes.co-operative modes) was released two weeks ago and good news.it is for free. Start the game, press the triangle button I believe and it’ll show you a way to get the DLC for free. Exclusive contents are not worth it and codes are only given to people who preordered the game.

  2. dlc ( downloadable content ) is available in the playstation store

    if your ps3 is connected online go to the playstation store , under add-ons > disc based games

    look under r for red dead redemption

    download and install it

    exclusive pre-order dlc is downloaded by using the redeem code feature in the playstation store , no code no content. codes are 1 time use only.

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