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Is the PS3 really that sucks?


I looked at the PS3 preview at it’s homepage and it looks much better than the XBOX 360 from the skin, performance and just about everything. But then again, i looked at this page and it said that their performance sucks! is that true?

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  1. no the ps3s performance is alot better. The main difference between the two is the exclusives for the ps3 (mgs4, moterstorm, gran turismo 5 prologue) are only possible on the ps3. While the xbox exclusives could easily be put on the ps3. The games that come out for both used to be better for 360 (madden 08, c.o.d3, nfs carbon) but the new ones are the same on both (madden 09,c.o.d4,nfs prostreet and gta4) In the future games will be better for the ps3 than the 360. The bottom line is the ps3 has better performance.

  2. ill go for ps3, every xbox 360 is getting RRoD. my friend is going for his 3rd 360 in 6 months, i have my ps3 since it came out and i havent had any problems with it

  3. Thats just some random guys opinion. Why don’t you take a look at what games both systems have to offer and choose the system with the games that appeal to you?

  4. I would recommend you take some time to play with the PS3 and judge for yourself. I have both consoles and still think PS3 is the better of the two.

  5. yeah, that article is a bit ancient

    come on , it sez 360 wins on movie side cos it has HD-DVD, a now dead format.

    it mentions theres no games on the ps3 – cos in this articl it had jsut launched, MGS4, Littlebigplanet, etc didnt exist.

    in fact this is probably the arguemnt that fuels msot 360 owners claims in the 360 vs ps3 arguemtns, i wondered where they had their ‘facts’ from.

    yeah i suppose a year ago it may have been correct, but a year is a long time, the 360 is now dropping in sales(in some places its lowere than PS2), ps3 is rising, theres more exclusives on the ps3, and people are startign to get to grips with the Cell processor.

    to qoute many tech blogges n journalists “2008 is the year of the PS3”

    check out the 1 month old article below.

  6. Well the PS3 is fun and I like it but currently my PS3 is messed and won’t let me play games so.

  7. No, I have one and it is very very good.
    Oh. and have you noticed that article was written a mere month after the PS3s release, almost 3 years ago?

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