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Is it possible to change your NAT type on MW2? (PS3)?


Right now I have a strict NAT type and I think that is what prevents me from joining other peoples parties or private games. My friend has a moderate NAT type and is able to join other peoples parties and private games. Does anyone know how I can change my NAT type or should I bother doing anything to it at all.

Please help!

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  1. NAT stands for ‘Network Address Translation’ and depending on your NAT type (Strict, Moderate e or Open) will effect who you can connect to on Xbox Live. For example, if your router is set to strict and your friend has an Open NAT type you will not be able to connect nor communicate via XBL. Opening your NAT will enable you to play against more people online.

    Wikipedia Link

    I purchased Tiger Woods ’09 just to play against my friend online and when i tried to play him i kept on getting network errors. When i opened up my NAT i found i was able to voice call him and setup up a party with no problems at all. Now when i play online i find connecting to hosts is a lot quicker, especially when playing Halo3 / COD4.

    What is My NAT Type.?

    Run the XBL diagnostic tool via the System blade. If not set to Open follow the procedure below.

    Changing Your NAT Type

    There are several ways to do this but i found using the DMZ option is the easiest. Iā€™m not 100% sure if this makes my Xbox unsecure or not but as a precaution i removed my credit card details from Live just in case.

    Get your Xbox 360’s IP address by choose network settings in the system blade. Then edit settings should show your Xbox’s IP address. Record this IP as you will need it in a second.

    Open your router configuration by entering your router IP address in the http:// window of your web browser. You can normally find your IP address printed on the back of the router. When you’re prompted enter your password to access your router settings. If you have not set a password its normally defaults as admin (both password and login name)

    Find the DMZ menu then enter your Xbox IP address you recorded earlier. Warning you are now opening all the ports on the Xbox which could enable other people to hack into your Xbox. I recommend doing some research online before using this option as Xbox hacking is becoming more frequent.

    Save the settings and log out of the router settings, power down your modem, router and Xbox. Wait 30 seconds then connect the modem, wait another 30 seconds before powering on the router then wait 2 minutes so the router can connect to your network with the new settings. Ensure you plug everything in as above as if not done correctly may result in not opening the ports. Now power up the Xbox and login into XBL, you should find your NAT type is now open.

    If this does not work for you undo the above and check out this [url is not allowed].

    Happy Gaming

  2. lol at Bob D. He needs PS3 not Xbox. anyway, what he did was a DMZ which you can also do on the ps3 but it’ll be a bit different from the Xbox. I did a DMZ on my ps3 and it changed my NAT type to open. It’s quite a long process and I can’t really show you here, but this is the link that taught me how to do it:

    [url is not allowed].

    it’s a little complicated but i’m pretty sure you can understand it, I did and I don’t have much experience with all this computer stuff.

    Just follow what it says and hopefully you’ll get it to work. Just have patience and you’ll get it eventually, trust me.

    Good Luck!! šŸ™‚

  3. Dude, he says he is on the PS3

    Basically you will have to call up your modem or internet provider and

    tell them to change your NAT type to open. Then you will be able

    to connect to games faster!

    Have fun šŸ™‚

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