Home Xbox Forum is it illegal to have copies of xbox 360 games?

is it illegal to have copies of xbox 360 games?


i am planning to buy copies of xbox 360 games but i wanted to know if its illegal to have the games.im not the one burning them im going to buy them

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  1. I didn’t kill the guy but I hired a hitman is that illegal? OF COURSE it’s illegal to SUPPORT copying games, the same as actually copying them. The simple reason to make that end just as illegal is because if no one bought the games then people wouldn’t burn them for profit. Sure some would still burn the games for their own personal use, so they wouldn’t have to buy new copies, but that wouldn’t really bother the companies that make the games. They don’t lose much money that way and they basically just ignore that it happens if that was all that was done.

  2. Well technically it is but still don’t buy copies because Microsoft can easily find out and get your account banned

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