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Important PS3 Question!?


How come when i download something on the ps3 I have to download it again when I log into a different user! I will give you an example to show you exactly what i’m talking about. You know how you can make different users on the ps3 not playstation network id’s different users. well me and my brother both have a user on my ps3 both with our own playstation network id. the whole reason we both made different users was so we both didn’t have to keep signing out and signing in constantly but anyway I recently got little big planet for the ps3 and it said update available so I downloaded it and thats that but when I signed out of my user and my brother signed in to his how come he had to download the update when I already did! Same with playstation home when I downloaded the mall and bowling alley he had to download it even though already did! I don’t want to keep downloading things twice because it’s gonna waste my memory on my harddrive! Is there a way to fix this problem! Please help! Any help is appreciated! =)

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  1. Then make a joint user name and do the signing in and out, remember sony restricts the ps3 for a reason.

  2. Each account has a seperate space for ‘game data’ and ‘install data’ and ‘save data’. It’s just the way it is.

  3. The only downloads that can be transferred between users are downloads that affect the entire system. i.e., downloading a demo, video, system update, new wallpaper, etc. Any new data that specifically deals with saved data of any type of a specific user, will only effect that data of that user. This prevents people from messing with other user’s save data. It’s also practical with this scenario. Dad plays an M rated game. He likes Modern Warfare 2. His little kid plays Littlebigplanet every day, not Modern Warfare 2. He is 4. Dad doesn’t let him have a psn account, for various reasons. If his kid does not play modern warfare 2, his account will not tell him to update the game, and it won’t do it automatically, because of the parental block whenever dad does his. If dad downloads a map pack for mw2, what kind of corruption might occur whenever it tries to update it to his kids mw2 data? This is why for each account, each individual download must be downloaded individually for each individual account. If it didn’t, there are a lot of unpredictable bugs that could spring up. As for your hard drive problem, do you realize how much space your dealing with? a couple hundred megabyte download is not going to eat away at your 200 to 800 GIGAbyte hard drive, especially if your just now getting Littlebigplanet. If your that worried about it, replace your hard drive with a new 1 terabyte hard drive, and delete your brothers account.

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