Home Playstation Forum I want a PS3, whats the cheapest I can go?

I want a PS3, whats the cheapest I can go?


Just would love the common prices. I’m not sure if they all come with access to bluray. What’s the cheapest price, but without having a peice of crap. God hard to explain. which is the cheapest with a decent amount of features. I’m having a garge sale and earning the money bit by bit. And anyone know how it looks on a regular big screen tv. Non HD or LCD.

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  1. The 40gb PS3 (the least expensive) is only $399.

    If you look around on the internet (ebay and other sites) you might be able to find the original 20gb for less than that.

  2. The cheapest you can go for a ps3 is $399. Some store can put tax on it but if you buy it online it may be cheaper. I heard that in K-mart they have it for $366.

  3. the cheapest you can go is 400 bucks if you want the 40GB ps3 if you want the 80GB then it’s 600 bucks

    I can maybe sell you my ps3 only if you want cause and i don’t want mines anymore

  4. To your tv question, I have a regular CRT tv and as long as you ordinary picture is good on it then the PS3 should look just fine.

  5. $400 40gb ps3

    Oh and don’t even think about getting a 360 instead. The price for Xbox 360s went up $130 and they break!

  6. There’s an offer with Sony credit cards that if you apply and get approved for one you get $100 off a Sony Style purchase. With this you can buy a 40GB PS3 for $299 if you purchase it with the card.

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