Home Playstation Forum i cant get my ps3 to go online anymore?

i cant get my ps3 to go online anymore?


i cant get online anymore with my ps3. it says it can obtain IP address. ive tried to reset the router and all that stuff, but i cant seem to get it to work? HELP?

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  1. Try setting the internet connection to Easy when you set up the internet. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging it and leaving it for 10 seconds. Sometimes you just have to let it get a fresh cycle and try again.

  2. First thing you should do is to check your modem and make sure you actually have an incoming broadband signal. If you do, the light will be steady state or blinking extremely fast. If you don’t have a signal, it’ll be flashing about once a second.

    The IP address it obtains is the Router IP. Just because you may still have cable tv active doesn’t mean your internet service is working. Never assume it’s working either until you prove otherwise.

    If it is working, then let the PS3 do an auto network settings setup if you’ve been doing it manually. Watch it go through each step, and see if it fails and at what point.

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