Home Xbox Forum how to turn off the udsl lights?

how to turn off the udsl lights?


My father always closes the modem to the Internet because we use it a lot so I want a way which closes when the modem is only shut the lights and keep the modem is operational

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  1. you cant really do any thing there’s no such thing call shut the modem off (lights) but keep the dsl signal on i wish you told me what kind of adsl modems you have i would off helped further but if you want you can take you modem name(brand name of your modem) and the firmware version and look it up on the Internet and check it up and see if it does have an aout of/on feature (meaing if your dad switch it off you can configure it to power on like 15 mins after but only modem that back up this feature can do that anyways you can go and check for it if you didn’t any thing then that it of course you can ask your dad to keep it on for you for an extra hour or some thing

    by the way this is not computers category this is the xbox’s and dont ask again in a different category that your question dosen’t belong to because as you see no one will answer it

    hope i helped

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