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How to make an image of xbox 360 games?


Can anyone tell me how to make an image of an xbox 360 game that can later be burned to a dvd? Please help!

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  1. You need a specially modified DVD drive to read Xbox 360 DVDs into your PC.

    Normal DVD drives can’t read them.

    Furthermore, you need a firmware modified Xbox DVD drive. Modding your drive involves opening your Xbox and flashing the firmware.

    Keep in mind, that this modification is detectable online, and your console *will* be banned from Xbox Live. You will never be able to play online with a modified console again.

    This is all the help you can get, without violating the Yahoo Community Guidelines.

  2. You Need a Kreon DvD drive for your computer to be able to rip it with out that you can not rip games/iso of games

    Plus the xbox unit has to be modded for you to even be able to play them

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